Will your franchisor grant you a franchise again?

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Remember when you were granted your franchise by the franchisor, the excitement, the enthusiasm, so many ideas, the opportunity, being your own boss and probably many more positives.

Unfortunately for many franchisees this honeymoon period ends and for some sooner than others. As a franchisee, you need to constantly be asking yourself:

  • Do I consistently live the brand and am I a proud brand ambassador?
  • Am I a “hands-on” operator and know what’s happening in my business?
  • Do I consistently advertise and market my business in my area?
  • Do I operate my business strictly following the blue print of the franchise?
  • Do I pay my Management Services Fees on time?
  • Do I pay my Marketing Contribution Fees on time?
  • Do I positively contribute to the franchise network and add value to it?
  • Am I an asset to the franchise network?
  • Am I constantly building my business and maximising the opportunity?

In hindsight – do you think that your franchisor will grant you a franchise again?

Remember why you chose to join the franchise network in the first place!

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