What Will Your Franchisees Say?

With the introduction of the Consumer Protection Act, 68 of 2008 in 2011, prospective franchisees are entitled to contact any of the existing franchisees, or alternatively visit any of the outlets operated by a current franchisee to assess the information disclosed by the franchisor and the franchise opportunity offered by it.

With this in mind, as a franchisor, are you listening to what your franchisees want from you?

Are your current franchisees satisfied with?

  • Your level of ongoing training and support to meet their evolving needs.
  • Your marketing strategy that will excite customer interest and give them an edge in their market.
  • Your forums to have their ideas, questions and concerns heard and acted upon.
  • Your leadership being competent, honest and fair in your business dealings.
  • Your ability to have conversations with franchisees in which difficult issues can be discussed and resolved in a mature and respectful manner.
  • Your genuine concern about their success.•

Only if your current franchisees are happy, will your brand attract quality prospective franchisees to invest in your franchise network. The acid test is to ask your current franchisees if they would invest in your brand again.

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