What makes a restaurant franchise great?

Fast food has been around for as long as most people can remember. With so many choices of fast food, you do not have to go far to find something you would like to eat. The fast food market is therefore very competitive and brands spend millions on marketing to ensure that people choose their food. Everybody wants to have that secret ingredient that will make people choose to spend their money at a specific fast food restaurant. Bronwyn Oliveira, brand manager of Maxi’s, discusses the secret ingredients that make Maxi’s the best place to eat.

A successful restaurant usually sells unique and authentic food of superior quality made from simple ingredients, offers good service and an overall good eating experience. This has been the secret ingredient for Maxi’s since it opened its first store in Pretoria 21 years ago in the time when fast food customers still had very limited choices.

Instead of taking the easy route to offer customers more pizza, burgers or chicken, Maxi’s established a menu that is still a hit today with a variety of choices that offers the whole family something they would like to eat. Maxi’s secret ingredient that became its winning recipe is simple, quality ingredients used to prepare unique and authentic food.

In addition, good customer service also helps customers to make the right choice of where to spend their money. Well-trained staff at the counter as well as in the kitchen, ensures Maxi’s customers get value for their money that translates into a food experience that is not easily matched elsewhere in terms of speed and efficiency.

We found over the years that it is also important to know your customers and we often use the feedback we get from them to prepare our strategies moving forward. Research on buying behaviour also informs our decisions regarding location of our stores as well as menu selections to ensure that we cater for the needs of our customers.

The latest Maxi’s menu update came in late 2013, after a year-long analysis of customer feedback, latest designs, food trends and styling. The customer feedback was very important and helpful and indicated that wholesome meals accompanied by a relaxed and friendly atmosphere keep customers and their families coming back for more.

We fill a specific gap in the market for our customers.  As a family restaurant offering a wide range of tasty meals in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, we deliver outstanding, freshly prepared food of the best quality in an environment that is accommodating to kids and designed to provide families with a relaxed, casual dining experience with quick attentive service.

Our involvement in the community also helps us to provide a higher quality of life and we believe that giving back is central to our success and being a responsible corporate citizen. Therefore, we have a corporate social investment strategy that allows our social media followers to select their monthly charity of choice to enjoy Maxi’s support. We proudly assist their selected aid organisation, whether it is the Animal Anti-Cruelty League or the Bambino Crèche in Danville, with a surprise party which includes healthy and nutritious meals, and general goodwill and assistance from our staff who are more than happy to be involved.

When Maxi’s was awarded the title of Franchisor of the Year award by the Franchise Association of South Africa in 2010, it confirmed that Maxi’s is on the right track to being a successful restaurant, meeting the needs of its customers as well as those of Maxi’s franchise owners who get value for their investment.

Opinion piece shared by PR Worx.

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