The Franchise Field Service Manager.

The Field Service Manager is an integral part of the franchise management team and a key factor in the development and success of the franchise network. This is someone who lives the brand and has both the franchisor and franchisee at heart to make the brand a success.

To fit the position of this extremely important role, the Field Service Manager must have a solid understanding of franchising, excellent communication, negotiation, financial and business management skills. They are professional individuals who command respect.

Their role is to be the link between the franchisor and the franchisee by ensuring that all systems are in place and are being adhered to. For the franchisee, the Field Service Manager will provide operational support in the form of labour relations, financial matters, competitive intelligence, identify problems etc. For the franchisor, the Field Service Manager provides added value to the franchisee and adds value to the brand by ensuring that all is being done to make the franchisee a success.

The Field Service Manager should be viewed by the franchisee as someone who provides professional advice and support, rather than someone perceived to be a policeman for the franchisor.

Are your Field Service Managers ambassadors for your brand?


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