The benefits of a work from home Franchise


Working from home is the new norm in the Covid-19 pandemic that we are experiencing world-wide. Heck, it even has its own abbreviation WFH which everyone probably knows what it stands for now.

There are many work from home franchise opportunities and here are some of the benefits if you have the discipline that work from home requires.

Less time spent commuting

Travelling time, frustration and travelling costs are saved giving the work from home franchisee more time to spend building the business.

Tax advantages

When you work from home, you can offset certain expenses through your business. Use of your office space and a proportion of utilities, including internet and telephone, can be charged as business expenses.

Lower start-up costs and overheads

Working from home is significantly cheaper than renting office or retail space. Your electricity, water and floor space already form part of your monthly expenses and there are no additional rates to pay.

Flexible working hours

Home-based franchises bring flexibility. This allows you the freedom to give yourself time off to run errands and make personal appointments for things like doctors or dentists during the daytime, fulfilling your duties at a time that suits you.

Family life

With flexible working hours, working from home can give you the work/life balance making the most of your family life. You will have the luxury of being able to take your children to school and be there at the end of the day to pick them up again. Being around for mealtimes and participating in things like after-school sports day are just a few of the benefits homeworkers can enjoy.

Working from home is not for everyone and is best suited to someone who is organised, self-disciplined and committed to their business. If that is you, the flexibility and freedoms offered by a home-based franchise could be the perfect fit.


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