Strategies For Successful Franchisee Recruitment

Every franchisor needs successful franchisees to build a strong brand and a successful franchise network. Franchise recruitment strategies should periodically be reviewed and below are some strategies to consider, achieving greater success in this all-important part of a successful franchise business.

  • Recruitment is the start of a business relationship

Franchisee recruitment is the start of a long-term business relationship and not the end of a sales process. You are not selling a product so rather approach franchisee recruitment as the start of a business journey.

  • Target quality enquiries

All franchisors want to receive quality enquiries and should therefore be clear as to what type of person they are looking for. Create an Avatar of your “ideal franchisee” considering

their financial capability, time commitment to the business, passion for your products, level of business acumen, realistic business expectations and culture fit. Use an appropriate tone and message through targeted digital marketing channels to reach out to these people.

  • Respond quickly

By responding quickly to an enquiry shows the enquirer that you are serious about the enquirer, and you are connecting with them when their interest is high.

  • Are your existing franchisees happy?

Happy existing franchisees are your best salespeople. Franchisees who are optimistic about their future, believe the franchisor team cares about their success, have a strong sense of connection to the brand and culture and believe they are getting a reasonable financial return, are far more likely to recommend a prospective franchisee and should be encouraged to do so.

  • Offer mature franchisees multi-unit opportunities

Most franchise networks have mature franchisees who can operate additional units. This is a win-win as you will be able to grow with people you know, and this is likely to give them a new lease of life.

Franchise recruitment strategies should periodically be reviewed to attract the best franchisees to continue building your brand and franchise network.

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