Shabba Talks About Striking The Balance In Business

im1In business, balance is everything. Aside from ensuring that your accounts balance, making sure that your business and the other activities that fill up your daily life are also balanced is crucial. This is especially true in franchising. While there are many franchisees who commit their time solely to their franchised business, there are others who continue to work their ‘normal day job’ and manage their franchise from the side lines. This is certainly the case for Kaizer Chiefs midfielder, Siphiwe Tshabalala, who is also a brand ambassador for The Fish & Chip Co., as well as a multiple store owner. Here is an insider look into how he scores in business.

While many people immediately associate Siphiwe, or Shabba as he is affectionately known by fans, with either Kaizer Chiefs, Bafana Bafana or the scorer of the first goal in the 2010 FIFA World Cup™, Shabba balances more than a soccer ball in his professional life.

He initially became part of The Fish & Chip Co. family as an ambassador after the brand decided that his name and reputation was the ideal match to speak to customers on a more personal level. His future in the brand was further cemented after taking ownership of his first store in Tshwane (Bloed Street), which he purchased in 2011. His business success continued to grow to such an extent that after his initial store purchase, Siphiwe was able to open his second store in Protea Gardens, Soweto only three years later. All this while being involved in other ventures and leading a sterling career as a soccer hero, adding more to the man than meets the eye.

im2“In my professional life, I aim to not only score goals on the soccer field, but I also strive to prove that professional athletes are dynamic in so many other areas, and lead successful and well-rounded lives – without misusing their fame and fortune,” he shares.

“Yes, my reputation and the admiration I receive from my fans have assisted me in building my professional career, but I know that in order to continue being successful, that I need to guard my time, which is a very valuable asset. Like balancing a ball, finding footing in my professional life has come down to practice. It is true when they say that practice makes perfect, which is why I believe you cannot for one second let your guard down when improving on your performance.

“My sporting career has taught me many valuable lessons that I am able to translate into business – even the sporting rules that I follow in soccer have become applicable and have taught me great balancing skills.

“Firstly, I ensure that the business is always kept fit and in form as winning is the only option when it comes to my stores and the teams I serve with.

“Further, no sporting game is successful without a goal – one of the most difficult tasks in any sport. It takes creativity, organisation and skill – just like setting a goal for a business needs to be. Without shooting for a goal, how will the business ever make it to the premier leagues?”

Siphiwe also adds that a solid support network plays a pivotal role in attaining balance to score in business, which is why The Fish & Chip Co. franchising concept has proved so helpful.

“As in sport, there is no ‘I’ in team and with the support of The Fish & Chip Co. I am also able to manage my time and teams effectively. The backing that a franchisor offers, adds great value to the business and with it I have been able to score many laduuuma moments in my businesses,” he concludes.

Opinion piece shared by PR Worx.

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