Franchisee Recruitment

Franchisee recruitment is an on-going challenge for the majority of franchisors, who seek to find the “right fit” when recruiting franchisees to build their brand. Some ideas to assist with this challenge are:

Franchisee Profile

When drawing up a Franchisee Profile, be very specific with the characteristics that the prospective franchisee must possess to be your next franchisee. Only when all the boxes are ticked, should the prospective franchisee be considered.

Work experience trial

Providing a prospective franchisee with an opportunity to actually work in the franchise before signing the franchise agreement allows both parties to check out each other’s capabilities.

Franchisors want to ensure that the prospective franchisee is a good fit for the franchise, and the prospective franchisee can get a real “hands-on” feel of what it will be like being part of the franchise.

Existing franchise staff

There are several benefits to recruiting franchisees from within the franchise business.

  • Existing staff will be familiar to the franchisor, require less start-up training as they already know the franchise business operations and have brand loyalty.
  • Existing staff will have the opportunity to grow with the brand and franchisors can expand their network while retaining the talent within the business.

Multi-unit franchisees

Franchisors may consider offering some of their most successful franchisees additional areas or outlets which have several benefits.

  • Franchisors already have an existing relationship with the franchisee.
  • The franchisee has already proven him/herself as a high performer.
  • The franchisee already knows the systems and operations of the business.
  • It provides the franchisee with opportunities for growth and greater profit potential.
  • Franchisors will have fewer franchisees to manage than if new franchisees were recruited for each site or territory.

Strong personal drive

People with strong personal drive are those who set goals and achieve or even over-achieve them. They are also the type of people who don’t get despondent when something goes wrong, rather seeing the situation as a challenge which motivates them to perform better.

Remember, your franchisees become your future sales team when prospective franchisees ask them questions regarding the brand. Recruit franchisees with the “right fit” for your brand.

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