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Franchising is a fantastic way to expand your business relatively quickly and at a greatly reduced cost. It is a sophisticated way of attracting both capital and people who pay you for the privilege of operating your business under your brand. The franchisee has a vested interest and is more motivated and committed in making the business work.

Franchising – The WIN / WIN Concept

The Franchisor wins because he/she gains a business partner who co-finances the expansion of the network and is committed to its success.

The Franchisee wins because he/she gains access to a tried and tested business package offering a proven brand plus initial and on-going support.

The Consumer wins because familiar brands offering a defined range of products at predictable levels of quality, service and price provide peace of mind.

If you are planning to expand your business by franchising, let SA Franchise Brands guide you expertly through the franchise process, quickly and cost effectively, to enhance its success by contacting us on We provide you with the complete package, including assisting you to recruit Franchisees through the SA Franchise Brands website and other media platforms that we utilise.

SA Franchise Brands conforms to the code of ethics and business practices as required by the Franchise Association of South Africa.

It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Knows You™.

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