Commitments for Excellence in Franchising

When you make a commitment, all the pros and cons will have been assessed and you are willing to give your time and energy to something that you believe in. This is true whether you are a Franchisor or a Franchisee. The following are some aspects of commitment.

1.Love what you do.
Commit to love what you do, focussing on solutions and not problems.

Commit to taking calculated risks and be willing to see what the consequences of your decisions are.

3.Work smart and hard.
Commit to trusting that hard work will generate profit by focussing on the goals that each day requires and get them done.

Commit to thinking big and never being satisfied with the goals you have achieved and set higher goals.

Commit to working consistently without pause, taking steps toward your business goals even when you’re not reaping the benefits.

Commit to be passionate about your business and brand because when passion is present, limits are virtually non-existent.

Commit to have self-respect and demonstrate this in how you conduct your business and treat those you work with.

Commit to delegate as you cannot get where you want to go alone.

Commit to enter business relationships intelligently and nurture them deliberately.

Commit to not being a know-it-all and seek feedback to grow.

11.Positive attitude.
Commit to a positive attitude filling your mind with positive input and surrounding yourself with positive people.

12.Take ownership of your responsibilities.
Commit to taking ownership of your responsibilities and be accountable for the quality and timeliness of your duties.


Kevin Antonie


SA Franchise Brands

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