A Body20 franchise built on friendship

Charlene Chiang has built her Body20 franchise on a solid foundation of friendship.

At its core, business is about relationships. In order to be successful as a franchisor, you need have great relationships with the client and employees.

What really sold Charlene Chiang and her husband on the Body20 franchise was the founder Bertus Albertse. “We instantly liked Bertus,” says Chiang. “My husband and I were in complete agreement – we knew that he would be a trustworthy business partner. “

A good fit

A business – any business – is built on relationships. If you don’t like the franchisor, making a success of a franchise is sure to be an uphill battle.

Because of this, ‘culture fit’ is really important. Any franchisee should feel that the franchise (and its operators) shares his or her core values.

When Charlene Chiang came across Body20, she knew that she would fit comfortably within the operation. She also knew that it was a business that would appeal to a certain sort of person.

The right people

Body 20-franchise

So, with this in mind, she went about surrounding herself with people who shared the values of the organisation.

“You need employees who are as passionate as you are,” says Chiang. “I work with great people who love what we do just as much as we do.”

Body20 – a fitness franchise that makes use of electro-muscle stimulation technology and allows clients to get a proper workout in a mere 20 minutes – is a business built on client service, and because of this, employees can’t be disengaged. Passion and commitment is important.

“I know I can trust my staff to give clients the same level of service I would personally provide. They’ll never damage the brand or the franchise through their behaviour,” says Chiang.

Chiang has also extended the relationship-focused approach to client service.

“I love working with people and helping them to make a positive change in their lives. I know that people struggle to make time to train, so the ability to offer this solution excited me.

“I can honestly say that most of my clients are now my friends. They know that I truly care about their wellbeing,” says Chiang.

Surround yourself with people that share your vision. A successful business is built on great relationships.

Reference: Standard Bank BizConnect

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