10 steps to franchise success

Consider the following steps to franchise success.


Fully understand the total cost of the investment including your own living costs for at least six to eight months. Be sure that you are comfortable with this as you do not want unnecessary pressure on you while you are developing your business.

The Franchise System

Essentially when you invest in a franchise, you are buying a proven system. Adhere to the franchise system as this will protect your investment and preserve the brand.

Your Support System

Make time for your family and friends and acknowledge the sacrifices your family makes.

Be Enthusiastic

Being an enthusiastic franchisee brings a level of excitement and energy to the business that everyone can feel, including your customers and staff.


Recruit the best possible candidates, treat them with respect, be consistent and lead by example.


Training should be an on-going exercise and by empowering your staff, shows commitment from the franchisee.

Customers Service

There is no compromise for GREAT customer service. Remember to smile, say thank you and let your customer know you’re happy they chose your business.

Community Involvement

Being involved with the community is a fantastic way of showing your commitment to your customers.


Communicate with your customers, the franchisor, other franchisees, suppliers etc. as this shows that you care.

Know Your Numbers

Know what is going on in your business every day by minimising costs, maximising sales, being aware of any shrinkage etc.

If you save the cents, the rands will take care of themselves.

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