November 2013 Newsletter

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Quiz: Do You Know What It Involves To Be A Franchise Owner?

With literally hundreds of franchises offering people a chance of becoming successful entrepreneurs, many are willing to dive in head first without knowing or understanding exactly what franchising involves. Franchising has been around for centuries as people realise it’s a great way to own and operate their own business. Read more……

Reservoir Hills Gets A Cheesy Surprise

With only honesty, hard work and integrity in mind, two franchisees are ready to provide the community of Reservoir Hills with the best pizza in town. Read more……

Survey Finds Fast Foods Rely On Giveaways, Not Food To Lure Kids

A study in the United States reported on, with the tag-line ‘some fries with your toys?’ has shown that top fast food brands like McDonald’s and Burger King are downplaying food in favour of promoting their toy giveaways in their advertising. Where adult ads have the food as the core of the ad, in kids ads the emphasis is on everything but food. Read more……

Franchising Experience Matters

Bronwyn Oliveira, Brand Manager of Maxi’s, a family restaurant chain that forms part of the Taste Holdings group, explains why experience matters in the franchising industry. Read more……

The Consumer Protection Act – what franchisees need to know?

The Consumer Protection Act (CPA) has changed the way franchises are established, sold and run since its inception in 2011. The implementation of the CPA has endured some criticism from business, but the fact that consumers need protection cannot be ignored. Read more……

Tips To Make The Most Of Your Franchise

Jeanne Geldenhuys , Managing Executive of Scooters Pizza, one of South Africa’s fastest growing food chain that forms part of the Taste Holdings group, shares some insight why franchising is an industry that presents countless business possibilities for entrepreneurs. Read more……

Will a franchise work for you?

Many people, who receive large sums of money such as a retrenchment or retirement package or even an inheritance, consider buying a franchise to make their money grow. The food franchising industry can be very exciting, but can also very challenging as it demands a lifestyle change to run it successfully. Read more……

Kauai Expands Internationally

While many other brands, both locally and internationally, have felt the repercussions of the economic recession, SA’s no.1 healthy food brand since 1996, KAUAI, has grown to more than 130 stores nationwide and is now expanding into Dubai. Read more……