May 2015 Newsletter

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Ten Reasons To Invest In A Franchise

Investing in a franchise can be a life-changing experience and fulfilling your dream of becoming your own boss. The following reasons explain why it may be a great investment. Read more…

Kevin Antonie, CEO SA Franchise Brands

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What to consider when investing in a new franchise brand

Many entrepreneurs entering the world of franchising often find it challenging to decide whether to go with an established brand or throw their hard-earned savings into a totally new venture.
“The dilemma of staying with the tried and trusted or going with something new that seems to offer great opportunities… Read more…


Training is key for prospective franchisees’ success

For franchisees to be successful, a strong and formative management approach is necessary, where emphasis is placed on elements such as stock control, organising, planning, staff management and understanding the rules of the franchise. Training Manager at Sandwich Baron, Sergio Martins, says without this kind of structure and management, franchisees could struggle to achieve the profit margins they require.  Read more…


Fast food offerings must reflect the pulse of the economic climate

Despite the tough economic climate, fast food remains a popular choice for South African families, but in order to attract and sustain a robust customer base, fast food franchisors need to ensure their menus reflect the financial environment and offer customers “more for their money”. Jan de Beer, Managing Executive of The Fish & Chip Co. says this popular fast food outlet has not only recently revisited its national menu to remain relevant to customers’ pockets, but also offers special promotions to attract more business.  Read more…


Franchising in SA, still a profitable option – survey

The failure rate of franchising is less than 10%, this is according to a survey by the Franchising Association of South Africa (FASA). This is compared to the over 90% failure rate of independent businesses.
This and other survey results show that franchising in South Africa continues to be a sustainable sector says Vera Valasis, Executive Director of FASA. Read more…


Global retailer Krispy Kreme to open 31 shops in SA over next five years

Global retailer Krispy Kreme has announced that it has signed a development agreement with local company KK Doughnuts SA (Pty) Ltd to open 31 Krispy Kreme shops in South Africa over the next five years. This marks the company’s first venture into Africa. Fournews (Pty) Ltd., and John & Gerry’s Brands (Pty) Ltd., are the principal owners of KK Doughnuts SA. Majority owner, Fournews (Pty) Ltd, a 20-year-old South African company… Read more…


Wakaberry founders reveal their secrets to franchising success

In just a few years, the Wakaberry Frozen Yoghurt brand has become a household name in frozen desserts. The brand sells frozen yoghurt with decadent toppings. The twist? The customer not only serves themselves, but is in charge of how much they want to spend. The brand’s success is all about creating an experience which keeps fans coming back for more. Read more…